The subjects the experience is founded on are those which emerged in the storytelling labs made in Valle Camonica.

The 4-step course we suggest to you is built around these subjects:
The primary and primitive contrast, the one between the transcendent and contingent, between the infinite and finite, between the known and unknown.
The Sky and the Earth of the Valley
A course in transformation, a multi-purpose landscape that fully involves your senses as an emblem of the variability perceivable by the senses.
The feelings of Warmth and Cold, the chromatic hues, the space and the time of the Valley.
The magic of time and nature's circularity.
The Valley in the Seasons' cyclical phases
The Contrast between collective and individual nature.
The propensity towards solitude, the bent for sociability.
The Return to the natural and instinctive sides, recognizing the world's soul within ourselves.
The animals of the Valley
The daily miracle of the succession of the Earth's states.
Light and darkness on the Valley
The unifying element of the Valley
Water, in all its states and manifestations
The complementarity of the masculine and feminine.
Mt. Concarena and Pizzo Badile during the equinox