Here is the first site which speaks the universal language of marks and senses. presents itself as a multisensory place where the user can navigate through the senses, giving way to a spaceless and timeless language.


The experience is an 4-step course where each step is conceived to stimulate your curiosity and creativity, fully involving your senses. The navigation is intuitive and proceeds through instinctive choices of colours, sounds, images, noises, lights, shadows.

Each corner of the screen will bring you to discover various possible conformations of a mark. Click on each corner, then make your choice from among the visualized marks and reach the next step.

Depending on the interactions that you will accomplish during the course, you will be given a magical object, a unique mark, and a profiling based on one of the natural elements:
Water, Air, Fire and Earth.

At this point you will be ready to start your journey of discovery, you will be welcomed by our “Welcome back” and you will be able to come to a bird's eye view of Valle Camonica and start your journey. Each pin placed on the map is a story and a reason to continue the trip.
You can also decide to turn off and on the categories by elements and consequently have a full overview over the valley's stories.

The digital stone will collect and visualize your mark and the ones of all other users who have started their journey. You will be able to share your mark and the discoveries you've made with your friends and with the registered users.

Your mark will become your personal access key to Valle Camonica, following the sign "Bring your mark to Valle Camonica" you will be able to reach the instruments to plan and organize your journey in Valle Camonica.